Pipe Polyethylene

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TR-455 Natural
Class HDPEPTR. 0,50Density 0.945
Manufacturer Chevron Phillips Chemical
Description of Product Tape
Inpipe 100
Class HDPEPTR. 0,25–0,35Density 0,957–0,961
Manufacturer Kiyanli Polymer Plant
Description of Product Pipe extrusion. It is a bimodal analogue of such brands as PE 6948C (Nizhnekamskneftekhim), PE2NT11-285D (Kazanorgsintez), P-Y342 (Shurtansky GC), Snolen EP 0.26/51 N (Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat)
Class HDPEPTR. 4,5-6,0Density 0,948-0,951
Manufacturer Uz-Kor Gas Chemical
Description of Product Pipes for water supply and gas supply.
Class HDPEPTR. 0,24–0,36Density 0,940–0,944
Manufacturer Shurtan GHK
Description of Product Pipe products, pressure pipelines.
ПЭ2НТ 11-285Д
Class HDPEPTR. 5-9Density 0,949-0,952
Manufacturer Kazanorgsintez
Description of Product Pipes together with connecting parts of various household water supply projects, including the transportation of drinking water.
ПЭ2НТ 11-9
Class HDPEPTR. 5-7Density 0,956 - 0,962
Manufacturer Kazanorgsintez
Description of Product Pipes and connecting parts of gas distribution networks, pressure pipes and connecting parts of cold water supply.